2022 TriNetX Summit Recording – Best Practices in Data Expansion and Enrichment

Learn how healthcare organizations prioritize and liberate real-world data to support the research community.


Liberating real-world data is a journey, and this session focuses on data sourcing principles, data quality and fit-for-purpose, tokenization and linking. Thought leaders discuss how they prioritize data expansion and enrichment projects at their healthcare organization, the level of effort to bring data sources to bear, how social determinants of health (SDoH) have been leveraged to date, and how they have successfully navigated the barriers to bringing real-world data to bear for clinical and translational research.


Brecht Claerhout
Chief Data Officer, TriNetX, LLC

Maggie Berryman
VP, Global Data Engineering, TriNetX, LLC

Matvey Palchuk, MD, MS, FAMIA
VP, Informatics, TriNetX, LLC

Michael Swartzbaugh
Sr. Director, Product Management, TriNetX, LLC

Pablo Serrano Balazote
Chief Planning Officer, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre

Maurice Tut
Senior Project Manager, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Brad Taylor
Chief Research Informatics Officer, Medical College of Wisconsin