2022 TriNetX Summit Recording – Innovative Use Cases for the TriNetX Platform and Real-World Data Sets

Learn how yesterday’s data helps today’s patients through safety signal detection, machine learning, and prospective monitoring.


Thanks to the global TriNetX community, we can all study real-world data that is recent, a mile wide, and a mile deep. This session explores innovative applications of real-world data to improve patient safety, machine learning and predictive modeling for the early detection of patients at risk for developing pancreatic cancer, and the usefulness of prospective monitoring and following of cohorts to understand outcomes on a go forward basis.


Bryan Farrow
Senior Director, Product Marketing, TriNetX, LLC

Limor Appelbaum, MD
Staff Scientist, Department of Radiation Oncology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Andrea Demakas
Director, Enterprise Sales, TriNetX, LLC

Justin North
Director, Product Management, TriNetX, LLC